"Commerce is a sport to be mastered."Mz3ntrepreneur

There are levels to consulting, not every business requires the same attention or services.  However, it is proven that business consulting is imparative, and contingent to your success! With the proper consul and preparation, wealth is nearly inevitable! Below you will find how we categorize our services to fit your needs.

Click the level that most applies to you, and lets get started!


Let our team of expert consultants assist you! We provide tailored solutions to propel your company into the depths of success!

Entry Level



Are you a Entrepreneurs /Start-up Businesses needing assistance with business development in any or all facets? Are you an individual or aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea but lack the resources to make it successful?

We provide the following entry-level services:

  • Business incorporation, License and Permits

  • Business and Tax Accounting

  • Business Credit 

  • Program Development

  • Business Evaluation

  • Business/Marketing/Service Plans

  • Strategic/Funding Plans

  • Personal and Business Credit

  • Graphic and Web Design


 level Peak Consulting

Are you a Established Business on the rise seeking ways to minimize debt and generate more revenue? Are you an entrepreneur tired of paddling your canoe upstream by yourself? 



We provide these services to both for-profit and non-profit industries and sectors at intermediate level:

  • Grant Writing

  • Legal Team Referral

  • Business Coaching

  • Funding Assistance

  • Data Analytics

  • Customer Avatar and advanced marketing concepts

  • Human Resource Development

  • Brand Advancement

  • Financial Management/Retirement/ Estate Planning Assistance

  • Informational Technology Design

  • Custom Made Computers/Software Tools

  • Financial Advisor & Compliance Management

Advanced Level Rising Consulting

Expansion and Enterprise at the peak of take off? Are you an established business, entrepreneur or micro-enterprise considering new pathways for extension and growth?



We provide the following advanced services:

  • Business Credit Coaching

  • For-Profit Business Development  & Design

  • Non-Profit & Program Development

  • Brand Development

  • Board Development

  • Grant Writing/Procurement

  • Commercial Property Locators/ Business Office Furniture

  • Business Funding

  • Marketing & Advertisement

  • Information Technology

  • Business Trusts and more....